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    First Practice of 2020 - Friday January 3rd 5:50 - 6:30

    Just a reminder, Practice is on Friday this week (Jan 3rd). It is also a bit earlier than normal. 5:30-6:30. We will get back to our regular schedule starting next week. 

    See you tomorrow.

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    Practice tonight- last of the year

    The last practice of the year is tonight! We are only going to practice until 7:00.

    Our next practice won't be until next decade. Or, in other words, this Friday.  See you there.

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    No Practice Today - 12/17

    There was a problem with the heater today that has gotten fixed. But the pool has gotten a little chilly in the process. That combined with cold wind chill after the sun goes down has prompted me to cancel practice for today.

    The heaters will warm things up over the…

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    Swim Schedule- December

    This is the proposed swim Schedule for December. There is a chance it might change around the Holidays if they are having to work on the pool at that time. 

    Please email if you have a question.

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    Swimming Tuesday November 12th

    Okay, I know it is a bit cold out there, but I think we will be good to swim tonight. The wind is supposed to die down and that should keep the windchill under control. I wanted to give out a bit of winter swim advice to folks who may…

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    Winter TAAF Practice canceled

    Okay TAAF folks. While the pool is a warm 84, the wind is really coming in strong tonight. 

    I'm thinking we are going to cancel practice tonight The temperature will be about the same tomorrow, but the wind will die down. We will swim tomorrow. And…

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    November swim schedule

    November Schedule is here. We are back to the M,T, and Th swim schedule 6:00-7:30 for TAAF swimmers

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    Practice rain-out for today but moved to Friday 5:30

    Spooky scary skeletons are putting a snag in our practice. 

    It looks like the weather is really going to be stinky today. Because of that, we are going to move practice to Friday! We will hold regular practice on Friday from 5:30-7:00 that way it won't interfere with football…

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    No Practice October 17th- Due to High School Swim meet

    For the Winter TAAF Folks. We do not have practice tonight. They had to reschedule the High School meet to Today (Thursday, October 17th). We will see you on Monday!

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    Tuesday Practices This Month


    The Bryan High School Swim Team meets will be on Tuesday nights this month so Coach Rich and I have updated the practice schedule. Please see the attached calendar!



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