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    BAC this week

    Well, the BAC is still having trouble with their filter. Marty has informed me that the pool will have to be closed this week, but should be back online next week. I'm sorry about that. We can kind of consider it like the Aggies, we have a Bye week this…

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    Swim Practice -October 15th Pool Closed

    Due to the tremendous amount of rain that hot us on the weekend, the pool was inundated with a lot of leaves, grass, dirt, and a ton of rainwater. The result it that the filter has had to work overtime to get the pool back on track. It is still…

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    Swim Party Canceled


    I tried to hold out as long as I could but due to the inclement weather we will be canceling the swim party again this evening. While the rain is beginning to dissipate we are still experiencing lightning and thunder around the pool and the forecast and radar indicates…

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    Swim Party Today! (Tuesday, October 9th)

    I am going to be an optimist and remind everyone of the Swim Party tonight at 7:00. I know it says rain and if it does, we will have to figure something out, but otherwise, I hope to see everyone there.

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    Bryan Barracudas swim schedule October

    Hi everyone!I wanted to let everyone know that the swim party is rescheduled for TUESDAY! October 9th. Come on, come all we will be providing the pizza, you can bring a dessert if you want.

    For all of you planning to or swimming in the Fall program, October is going…

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    Swim Party Canceled

    Howdy Parents,

    Due to the inclement weather predicted for this afternoon/evening we are rescheduling the Barracuda Swim Party to Tuesday October 9th at 7:00pm.

    We hope to see everyone there!

    Marty Mulgrew

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    Mid-Week Party

    Had a couple questions. The party is today, Wednesday September 26th at 7:00. We will provide the Pizza and some drinks (Gatorade) and y'all provide... well... yourselves. 

    If you want to bring a desert or snack to share, please do. We'd appreciate it. 

    C-you there.

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    Swim Party and Fall Swimming Announcements

    Howdy Parents!

    I hope everyone had a fantastic rest of their summer and this new school year has started off great! I have a few announcements to send out about swim team!

    The first announcement is the date of our party. We’ve been holding off in the hopes of using…

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    Session 4 and session 5

    Session 4: (tomorrow morning) Be on deck by 7:35-7:40, in the water by 7:45 

    Session 5: (tomorrow afternoon) If you are not doing any 18&O mixed relays, be in deck around 12:10, in the water at 12:15

    Mixed relays,  ladies should come warm-up around the 50 free

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    Season 1 warm-up time

    Hey,  a slight change of warm-up today.  We are getting in the water at 3:15 do you need to be in deck at 3:10 not 3:00

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