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    For Fall Barracuda swimmers and their parents

    I apologize if you are getting this message and are not swimming with the fall group, but the list has not been updated yet. 

    The pool heater is still broken, but the cool temperatures that came in this weekend unfortunately dropped it below the 74 degree threshold. Which in a…

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    Fall 2020 Barracudas Swim Team Update

    Howdy Parents,

    I have some exciting news to share regarding our Fall 2020 Barracudas Swim Team!

    Registration is now open for our Fall 2020 program with some COVID-19 related changes  to our rules and guidelines. 

    Some of the key updates to be aware of:

    • In addition to our normal fall…
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    Summer 2020 Swim Season Update


    Today the decision was made to cancel the majority of our summer programs. It seems unlikely that the TAAF Games of Texas will be held and with NWAL already canceled there are little to no opportunities for meets. With an unknown timeline for reopening the pool swim team was…

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    Summer 2020 Update


    It is with tremendous sadness that I have to share the news that our NWAL season has been canceled. The board met this week with all of the division reps and voted to cancel the 2020 season due to COVID-19 related closures and shelter-in-place orders. While this is obviously…

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    Pool closed

    I got some bad news today. 

    Unfortunately the pool offs going to be closed until the 29th So that kind of wraps up the month of March.

    I'm sorry. The initial word was that it would stay open, (the virus can't live in a pool) but…

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    Heater fixed and working well

    Pool heater was fixed and working well through this past weekend, so we are good to go this week... Yay!

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    Pool status (Feb 21st)

    They are still having problems with the heater. They are getting it repaired and I'll be sending out updates as they come available. 

    It isn't a complete shut down of the heater, but it is pretty cool (lower 70's) for this time of the year. I'll post something when I…

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    Spring swimming schedule

    So, TAAF Spring practices start back tomorrow! (18th) 

     There's a bit of a change in the schedule. 

    If you are swimming TAAF, or are planning to swim it in the summer. 

    13-over: MON, TUES, THURS: 530- 7:00 

    12-under: Tues, Thurs: 5:30-6:15
    (This is due to eligibility rules prior to…

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    Work at the BAC

    Just a reminder, there is no practice while they are working on the pool. Our plan is to take the next two weeks off from before returning on the week of the 17th. The scheduled downtime of the pool is the week of the 3rd through the 9th, unless there…

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    Practice January 22

    With the weather and a majority of our high school swimmers having to attend for a district function, we will not be having the USA practice today. We will be back tomorrow

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