Summer 2020 Swim Season Update


    Today the decision was made to cancel the majority of our summer programs. It seems unlikely that the TAAF Games of Texas will be held and with NWAL already canceled there are little to no opportunities for meets. With an unknown timeline for reopening the pool swim team was included among those programs that were canceled. While I don't think this announcement will be surprising for many of you that doesn't make it less difficult to share with you and your families.

    I am hopeful we will be able to open the pool sooner rather than later for lap swim, recreation swim, and hopefully some swim lessons. If we're able - expect to hear from me and Coach Rich to see what kind of participation we might get on an inter-squad local only swim program. 

    If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

    Marty Mulgrew

    Aquatics Supervisor

    Bryan Parks and Recreation


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