Swim Party Canceled


    I tried to hold out as long as I could but due to the inclement weather we will be canceling the swim party again this evening. While the rain is beginning to dissipate we are still experiencing lightning and thunder around the pool and the forecast and radar indicates we will see this for a while longer still into our party.

    Coach Rich and I have discussed our options from here and have decided that we will not reschedule the pool party but we will be looking to find a party room at a local restaurant for our group like we would after a swim meet. We would have the awards and certificates available during this time while we all got together to celebrate the year. 

    We will be locating and reserving a room so please be on the lookout for updated information from us. If you are unable to attend this get together we will make the awards and certificates available for pick up at the pool as we normally do. If you have a suggestion on a location please let me or Rich know!

    I hope you all have a wonderful evening! 

    Marty Mulgrew

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